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Tennessee Beach is superlative...
— Huffington Post
after hearing Tennessee Beach, we’re inclined to believe that Nashville’s Eagle Johnson might just be the coolest cat...
— Paste Magazine
Eagle Johnson & Clean Machine possess the qualities that my favorite Rock & Roll has...smart, soulful, and a little bit dangerous. Nashville’s best kept secret.
— Pat Sansone | Wilco
It’s music anyone can listen to, but has so much more depth than that...it gives you a sense of feeling at home.
— Maty Noyes
This is like kinda Neil Young ‘on the beach’ mixed with some Paul Simon and Dr. Dog. I’m loving it.
— Andy Hull | Manchester Orchestra
a fuzzed out, poppy, alt-rock gem.
— No Country for New Nashville
Fin Leavell, Stephen Carey, Lee McAlilly, Eagle Johnson 

Fin Leavell, Stephen Carey, Lee McAlilly, Eagle Johnson 

Eagle Johnson & Clean Machine make raw, left-of-center rock & roll. It's a sound that's grounded in the rootsy stomp of the band's Nashville headquarters, as well as the sunny influence of Johnson's childhood years in Florida. Eagle Johnson & Clean Machine nod to both of those locations with their debut album, Tennessee Beach. Sometimes punchy, sometimes psychedelic, and always melodic, Tennessee Beach is the sound of a songwriter who has rebelled, traveled, sinned, and done hard time before coming out on the other side with renewed inspiration.

Recorded to analog tape in three days at East Nashville's Bomb Shelter studio, Tennessee Beach marks Johnson's full-length debut, offering up a batch of guitar-driven songs about loving, leaving, and living with intention. He produced the album with his band, Clean Machine, working alongside Billy Bennett (engineer of the Whigs' Give Em All a Big Fat Lip). Inspired by the Beatles, Kings of Leon, classic reggae artists, pop singer Kimbra (whose bandmates Timon Martin and Stevie McQuinn Jr. make cameo appearances on the album), and others, Tennessee Beach casts a net as wide and compelling as Eagle Johnson's own past.




Viva La Rock & Roll.