How to Get Rich Being a Male Feminist. 

A Glimpse into the Future and a Biographical Tale...


"After equal representation in government is complete, the male-feminist movement’s next agenda item should be that woman start asking men out more and start asking the men to get married. Most men clearly don’t know how to express their fondness for a woman in a healthy way. Woman taking the lead and asking more men on dates it’s a step in the right direction I think. It’s more like nature...

The lady peacock for example, chooses her mate.

This is often natures mating ritual…The female is honored as having birthed life itself and in return, is thanked by being given a divine natural law that allows her to choose her mate. This law often gives her several suitors to choose from..."

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this book are Eagle Johnson's and in no way are intended to represent the opinions of the members of Clean Machine, though they might.