I left that night not just a fan, but an advocator. Go see Clean Machine any chance you get!
— Jacob Ryan | No Country For New Nashville
smart, soulful, and a little bit dangerous.
— Pat Sansone | Wilco
Tennessee Beach is superlative...
— Huffington Post
This is like kinda Neil Young ‘on the beach’ mixed with some Paul Simon and Dr. Dog. I’m loving it.
— Andy Hull | Manchester Orchestra
It’s music anyone can listen to, but has so much more depth than that...it gives you a sense of feeling at home.
— Maty Noyes
packs more confidence and swagger into these ten songs than we’ve heard in some time.
— Paste Magazine
a fuzzed out, poppy, alt-rock gem.
— No Country for New Nashville
 Photo: Various

Photo: Various

Clean Machine makes raw, left-of-center rock & roll. It's a sound that's grounded in the rootsy stomp of the band's Nashville headquarters. Sometimes punchy, sometimes psychedelic, and always melodic. Their debut album, Tennessee Beach was given a “superlative” by Huff Post, the album’s lead single, Killer, was premiered by Paste Magazine, and Wilco has included their song, Push Pin Jane, on the Wilco Recommends Spotify playlist.


Viva La Rock & Roll.