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Keywords : Old School Rock & Roll, Americana, Vintage, Analog, Indie, Psychedelic, Funky

Similar Artists : The Black Keys, The Lumineers, Alabama Shakes, Tame Impala, Neil Young

All tracks are 200% owned by Eagle Johnson & Clean Machine. If you are interested in using any of these tracks for TV/FILM synching please contact Chris at: 

FULL / Instrumental

01 My Best Girl - Americana acoustic beginning, full band comes in second half | key lyrics: "My best girl ran off with my best friend, you know the story, I'm better off in the end."

02 Push Pin Jane - Funky americana reggae hyrbrid with 4 part harmonies| key lyrics: "My oh my what do we have here, who made such a beautiful girl."

03 Cookin' - Old school Iggy Poppish crushed guitar rocker | key lyrics: "If you're cookin' somthin cook it up for the good."

04 Killer - Psychedelic chill groover with attitude | key lyrics: "He was the coolest cat they called him Killer." 

05 Her Kingdom - Soulful americana with a dash of reggae | key lyrics: "a lion build a house, but his woman wouldn't come."

06 Who Are You ? - Beachy love song in the vain of Rolling Stones "Factory Girl" | key lyrics: "The prettiest smile that you ever seen, the kind that makes you wanna sing, who are you?"

07 I Can Feel You - Soulful southern vibes like the Band | key lyrics: "I can feel you babe...they think it's somthin in the water...they think it's somthin in the smoke..."

08 Black Magic - Latin rocker with Santana voodoo vibes and 4 part harmonies | key lyrics: "Goin where I've never been, seein what I've never seen, doin what I've never done."

09 Bad - Short bad ass rocker in the vain of the White Stripes | key lyrics: "When I'm good I'm good when I'm bad a better"

10 Hero - Psychedelic lullaby love ballad with Top Gun vibes | key lyrics: "You're the hero of this dream, a dream of laughter love and pretty things." | 615.319.5539